Are you getting the most out of your SRD treatment?

SRD Smart Compare uses independent scientific evidence to make easy and direct comparisons between antibiotics. It has been designed to help you make fact-based decisions in order to improve animal health with less antibiotic treatments.

The research behind: Creating transparency on antibiotic efficacy
Directly comparing antibiotics is a scientific challenge. Due to time and resource constraints, published studies are not available for all possible antibiotic comparisons. Systematic review followed by network meta-analysis enables the assessment of comparative efficacy between antibiotics even in case no head-to-head studies are available:

  • Independent review and analysis of accessible studies
  • Scientifically validated methods modelling probability of treatment success and assessing risk of bias
  • 34 studies from 11 countries included in analysis (1266 records screened)
  • 10 antibiotic molecules evaluated in model

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